How God uses friendship to help us grow

Posted on Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 by Faith

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Friends Bring Out the Best in You

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” Proverbs 27:17 (NLT)

Written By: Pastor Tim 

Have you ever thought about the number of friendships that are mentioned in the Bible? There’s Moses and Aaron; David and Jonathan; Elijah and Elisha; Paul, Barnabas and Silas. Even Jesus was described as a friend of tax collectors and sinners. Throughout their respective stories, these friends cared for and supported one another.

Their stories make me think of a wonderful friend of mine, whom I refer to as my “wingman.” We’re both military veterans, so we understand the true meaning of the word.

In a military aircraft formation, the wingman flies next to the wing on the adjacent plane protecting the side of his or her fellow wingman. The wingman looks for enemy attackers, provides warning and supports his wingman with cover fire. In this type of formation, to have a wingman, you must be a wingman, too. Both pilots are dependent on one another to accomplish the mission.

This scenario is a lot like having a best friend in real life, but have you considered the practical application of having a spiritual wingman? Have you thought about how having that Jonathan, Elisha, or Barnabas beside you in your Christian walk could make a difference? Having someone by your side to encourage you, pray for you, give you wise counsel and hold you accountable is immensely helpful as you grow as a Christian.

So, I ask you to consider: do you have friendships in your life that are helping you develop a deeper relationship with God? If so, these people could be your wingmen (or wingwomen!).

We are reminded in today’s verse that, as believers, we have the power to sharpen one another through friendship. For metal to sharpen metal, it must be in constant contact, smoothing the rough edges. Deep friendships produce this same type of sharpening in which both friends are bringing out the best in one another, building friendship through consistent connection with each other.

Who are the friends who are most consistent in your life? These are generally your iron sharpeners. Who do you know who could use a little sharpening? Perhaps they need a wingman like you. Remember, to have a wingman, you must be a wingman.

Your friendships can be an important part of your faith journey. Together, you have the opportunity to encourage one another to become all God created you to be.



  1. What's one area of your life where you need to be sharpened? Who can come alongside you in that area?
  2. Just like it’s important to have people in our lives who sharpen us, we need to help sharpen others. Identify one person whose life you can bring a positive impact to, and intentionally reach out to them this week.


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