Chip and Joanna's Emotional 'Goodbye'

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 4, 2018 by Scott & Kelli

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Sometimes you meet someone and they instantly feel like family and for many of us, Chip and Joanna Gaines felt like friends we had known forever. Most have never met them, but they are some of the most endearing people on TV, their faith in God and love for their family is what makes us love them so much.
Last nights episode, had many of us in tears, including Chip and Joanna.  After hosting Fixer Upper for the past five years, they elected to hang up their tool belts to focus on their family and the other projects that they have in the works, including their Magnolia Market, a magazine, home decor collection and their new restaurant in their hometown of Waco, TX.  
If you're like me and always wondered why they named their business "Magnolia", last night's episode revealed the sweet reason why.  Chip shared with their kids that a Magnolia tree played a big part in their relationship, one of Chip and Jo's first dates involved Chip climbing a Magnolia tree to get a flower for Jo, and ever since they have made made it a central part of their relationship.  Chip described it as their mascot, and every project they do, they plant a Magnolia tree and during last night's episode, Chip had all the kids their and shared that there was one last thing they needed to do together and their son Duke declared, "Plant a Magnolia tree!"; and that is moment were most of us lost it, including Chip!

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