The Perfect Nap!

Posted on Friday, Jul 6, 2018 by Scott & Kelli

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Just the mere mention of the word 'nap' seems to release endorphins and take you to your happy place.  It takes us back to those sweet little nap mats that we would pull out for a little snooze in the middle of our kindergarten class.

I used to love when the kids were little and you had an excuse to take a nap in the afternoon, those days are gone, but is it OK to still take naps?  According to the experts... Yes!  

Since we have determined napping is a good idea, the next logical question is 'how long is the perfect nap'?  Well doctors have determined it to be between 20-30 minutes, if you're simply in need of a little boost, that is all you need.  

They did acknowledge that longer naps my be needed if you are looking for a boost cognitively or emotionally.  Then you may need 60-90 minutes, but they also cautioned that you should expect grogginess along with longer naps.

The benefit of the shorter 'power' nap is that you aren't left feeling groggy, and one napping hack that you may want to try; drink a cup of coffee before your nap, since it takes caffeine 30 minutes to kick in, you wake up from your nap with a double boost.

Happy napping! 😴 


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