What's a Hymnal?

Posted on Monday, Jun 25, 2018 by Skip & Amy

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Phones attached to walls with no 'touch' buttons...ovens that don't cook your food in a matter of seconds...music that comes from a "cassette?" Things that many of us grew up with are completely alien to those of us who didn't.

But there's one that we'll bet you never heard before.

Here's a clue: They've been part of church services for centuries, but there are those who have never even heard of them. What are they?


Pam took her 18 year old niece to visit their old family church last week. During the service, the choir director instructed the congregation to "open up you hymnals..." Pam naturally reached out and pulled the worn book from the back of the pew in front of her.

Her niece was totally confused. "Aunt Pam, what are you doing?"

Pam explained in this "old-school" church, they still sang from the hymnal. She showed her niece the book and a few of her favorite hymns. Her niece, used to live music and Praise and Worship teams was throughly enthralled with the idea, calling her mom after the service to tell her "Aunt Pam taught me how to use the music Bible..."


C'mon, admit it, something like this has happened to you...share!


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