Slip in Slime and Pick a Nose

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 26, 2018 by Skip & Amy

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The popular kid-friendly game show from the 80s and 90s is making a comeback. Nickelodeon is bringing back “Double Dare”. If you don’t remember… it’s a kids trivia game including messy physical challenges.


I watched the reboot last night with my son and we both enjoyed it. Other than my son asking to recreate the games and all the slime…in my house…it was FUN! 


Plus, I’m obsessed with game shows. It’s a bucket list thing for me to be on a game show one day (preferably “The Price is Right”)!! 


The most popular game shows of all time? 

5. The $100,000 Pyramid

4. Match Game

3. The Price is Right

2. Wheel of Fortune

1. Jeopardy


Every night I watch the “Wheel” and Jeopardy while doing dishes. My husband calls my old. I call it FUN. 


If you could be on any game show – what game show would you pick?  -Amy

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