Ready to Hit the Road...and the Air?

Posted on Friday, Jun 29, 2018 by Skip & Amy

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Planning on heading out of town today for the long 4th of July weekend? You are not alone.

TSA says today (June 29th) will be the busiest day for air travel EVER. Millions of Americans will also be hitting the road as well.

If you're going, make sure you've taken care of all the important things BEFORE you leave.

Have you stopped the mail? Are the pets taken care of (don't forget the fish!)

If you're flying, make sure you add in some extra time and pack a lot of patience.

There's still time to have a mechanic check out the road worthiness of your car.

And most important: make sure you pack plenty to keep the kids busy!

(Oh yeah....water water water, don' forget)

Have fun and Happy 4th!

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