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Workers sit on scaffolding at Notre Dame Cathedral


Notre-Dame To Celebrate First Mass Since April Fire

The archbishop invited some of the workers hired to rebuild the church.

Photo Credit: AP Photo

unmarked chocolate broken into chunks


Crash Spills Cocoa On Highway Near Chicago

No one was injured but the incident caused some big traffic delays

Photo Credit: AP/Stephanie Nano

two police Ford Mustangs

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Gangs Turn Wrenches With Help Of Police (+podcast)

D.R.A.G.G. builds race cars and relationship

Photo Credit: Courtesy of D.R.A.G.G.

St. Louis Blues Hockey


Parade, Rally At St Louis Arch Saturday To Honor First Stanley Cup Championship For Blues

Photo Credit: AP/Tom Gannam


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Boy With Kidney Disease Gets A Home, A Dad And A New Kidney Just In Time For Fathers Day

When teacher Finn Lanning heard his 13-year-old student Damien's story, he knew what he had to do.

Wrecked car; mom kisses daughter

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Mom Used Phone Tracking App After Daughter Missed Curfew; She Found Her Pinned Under Her Car 7 Hours Later

"I held on to my bible and prayed harder than I had ever prayed before."

A group of fourth graders poser for the camera in their classroom

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Delaware 4th Graders Persuade Pizza Chain to Alter Straw Policy

"Small kids can make big changes to their world"

A child's arm with a red streak and a bandage


Mom Saves Son's Life After Recognizing Signs Of Sepsis

"If you spot this ... get your child seen straight away."

Pan of cooked vegetables


USDA Says Cooked Food Only Safe 3-4 Days After Being Prepared

Meals can stay safe in the freezer for up to four months

Father's Day road sign

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‘It Gives Us A Special Bond:’ Man Donates Liver To Father

“I want to say this father’s day will be special. I think every one after this will be special too,”

Photo Credit: Photospin

Pizza combination


'Table 87 Coal Oven' Pizza Recalls Pork, Beef Pizza

These pizzas were not inspected before they were sold

Photo Credit: Photospin

Three children sit on a couch, two adopted and biological, smiling at each other

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Couple Learns Adopted Son's Birth Mom Is Having Another Baby, So They Adopt Her Too

The couple says they are humbled to be chosen a second time

Men In Black Agents Staring at sky


The Men In Black Are Back

It does have some extraterrestrial problems

Photo Credit: Giles Keyte/Sony Pictures