Thanksgiving 2019 🦃

Why Is Thanksgiving So Late This Year?

If Google is any indication, people are wondering why Thanksgiving is so late in 2019.

men and daughters ballet

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‘Dads Are The best’: Fathers Dance Ballet With Daughters

A Philadelphia dance studio is offering fathers and father figures a unique way to bond with their little ones — while stepping out of their comfort zones.

Galaxy vegan chocolate bars


Mars Is Launching A Vegan Chocolate Bar

It's the first major confectionery company to offer a plant-based alternative to milk chocolate.

PG&E worker


California Crisis Of Fires, Blackouts Decades In The Making

Pacific Gas & Electric serves more than 5 million electrical customers in one of the world’s most technologically advanced areas

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File

A Napa Valley hotel called hotella nutella


A Nutella-Themed Hotel?

Only a few guests will get to experience this limited-time, hazelnut spread-filled vacation

Two small children not properly dressed for the snow being rescued by a bus driver

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Wisconsin Bus Driver Finds 6-Year-Old Boy, 2-Year-Old Sister Wandering On Snowy Street

A Wisconsin bus driver is being hailed as a hero after she rescued two siblings found wandering in the snow Monday morning.

Kayla Arqueta

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High Schoolers Design And Build Prosthetic Arm For Student So She Can Play The Cello

Kayla Arqueta says being able to play alongside her new friends in band has made her feel "normal"

Free Burma Rangers


New Film Explores Dangerous Work Of Dedicated Faith Family

The documentary 'Free Burma Rangers' tells the true story of one American family leading dangerous rescue missions in the Middle East.

fire smoke alarm

Thanksgiving 2019 🦃

Insurance experts: Thanksgiving Is #1 Holiday For Kitchen Fires

If you insist on deep frying your bird...

burning turkey

Thanksgiving 2019 🦃

Thanksgiving Fails: These Are The Most Common Glitches

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, you can expect six things to go wildly wrong, according to new research.

yummy turkey

Thanksgiving 2019 🦃

This Is A Big Reason You Should Never Rinse Your Thanksgiving Turkey

What is the best thing to do?

Archaeological Dig


Torched Town From Texas Revolution Reemerges In Archaeological Dig

San Felipe de Austin, located approximately 50 miles west of Houston, is not only rich in Texas history but also in historical artifacts.

Puppy with extra tail on his head


Abandoned puppy with extra tail on his head rescued

Abandoned puppy with extra tail on his head rescued

Disney logo forms part of a menu for the Disney Plus movie and entertainment streaming service on a computer screen


Disney Plus Hits 10M Subscribers In 1 Day

Disney has invested billions in its streaming service

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Steven Senne



Cows Swept To Sea By Hurricane Dorian Found Months Later - On North Carolina's Outer Banks

The cattle – affectionately known as “sea cows” along the coast – are part of a wild herd that roams private land on Cedar Island.



Too Soon? Festive Family Told 'Take Down Christmas Decorations'

A battle over a snowman in one Texas neighborhood is putting that question to the test.