Walmart Hires Off-Duty Officers Ahead Of El Paso Reopening

Walmart plans to reopen the store where a mass shooting happened amid ongoing lawsuits over safety

Photo Credit: AP/Tony Gutierrez

A Napa Valley hotel called hotella nutella


A Nutella-Themed Hotel?

Only a few guests will get to experience this limited-time, hazelnut spread-filled vacation

Two small children not properly dressed for the snow being rescued by a bus driver

Good News

Wisconsin Bus Driver Finds 6-Year-Old Boy, 2-Year-Old Sister Wandering On Snowy Street

A Wisconsin bus driver is being hailed as a hero after she rescued two siblings found wandering in the snow Monday morning.

Kayla Arqueta

Good News

High Schoolers Design And Build Prosthetic Arm For Student So She Can Play The Cello

Kayla Arqueta says being able to play alongside her new friends in band has made her feel "normal"

Free Burma Rangers


New Film Explores Dangerous Work Of Dedicated Faith Family

The documentary 'Free Burma Rangers' tells the true story of one American family leading dangerous rescue missions in the Middle East.

Galaxy vegan chocolate bars


Mars Is Launching A Vegan Chocolate Bar

It's the first major confectionery company to offer a plant-based alternative to milk chocolate.

fire smoke alarm

Thanksgiving 2019 🦃

Insurance experts: Thanksgiving Is #1 Holiday For Kitchen Fires

If you insist on deep frying your bird...

airport scene

Thanksgiving 2019 🦃

8 Things To Do Now To Make Thanksgiving Flights Go More Smoothly

Don't wait to brush up on basic economy restrictions, download movies, change your seats or make sure TSA PreCheck is on your boarding pass.


Thanksgiving 2019 🦃

Why Is Thanksgiving So Late This Year?

If Google is any indication, people are wondering why Thanksgiving is so late in 2019.

burning turkey

Thanksgiving 2019 🦃

Thanksgiving Fails: These Are The Most Common Glitches

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, you can expect six things to go wildly wrong, according to new research.

yummy turkey

Thanksgiving 2019 🦃

This Is A Big Reason You Should Never Rinse Your Thanksgiving Turkey

What is the best thing to do?

campus worship


Ministries Linking Arms For Spiritual Revival On College Campuses

EveryCampus is supporting Together 2020, an event that will take place in Washington, D.C. on June 20

Archaeological Dig


Torched Town From Texas Revolution Reemerges In Archaeological Dig

San Felipe de Austin, located approximately 50 miles west of Houston, is not only rich in Texas history but also in historical artifacts.