John Crist


Christian Comedian John Crist Reveals New Netflix Special 'I Ain’t Prayin’ For That'

Crist said he views his comedy as a ministry and a way to reach those who would otherwise not set foot in a church.

CVS/pharmacy sign


CVS, UPS To Partner On Drone Delivery Tests For Medications

Deliveries could take as little as 10 minutes after ordering.

Women filling purses with essential items in an assembly line

Good News

California Woman Aims To Help Camp Fire Survivors One Purse At A Time

"We're just kind of trying to give women a fresh start."

Original cast of TV show "Facts of Life"


'The Facts of Life' Cast Is Back Together For Christmas Special

Yes, that's right, the actresses who played Tootie, Blair, Natalie and Jo in the series that ran from 1979 to 1988.

netflix logo


Netflix Becoming More Concerned About 'Shared' Passwords

It costs the streaming platform an estimated $135 million each month.

Lance Barksdale


World Series Umpire Lance Barksdale's Pivotal Moment

"Nobody else around except me and this umpire, and I mean this man's face turned beet red and he had his finger in my face telling me, 'Boy, don't you ever....'

PG&E worker


Blackout Round 2? Californians Brace For Possible Outage

Return of dangerous fire weather could prompt shut-offs across 16 counties

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File

Boy running in marathon


11-Year-Old Boy Ran Half Marathon In All 50 States

May be youngest person in world to complete feat

PET brain scan


Company Will Seek Approval Of Alzheimer's Drug

The drug, called aducanumab, aims to help the body clear harmful plaques from the brain.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Matt York

protestors in Lebanon


Massive Protests Grow In Lebanon - Public Is In Revolt

100,000 rally to demand economic reforms

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Hassan Ammar



Meet Butler University's Therapy Dog, Scooter

"On our walks around campus students stop to pet him and have made comments about various stresses they have and seeing him was 'exactly what I needed.'"

Newborn presented to mom in operating room


Study: Opioids Overprescribed For Women Who Have C-Sections

In addition to the risk of addiction, opioids can cross over into breast milk.

police car


Shooting At High School In Northern California

The shooting occurred just outside Ridgway High School in Santa Rosa

Photo Credit: Photospin

Angel of the Lord

Positive People

The Bible Project Brings Scripture Understanding To Video

They clear-up misconceptions. For example, the Bible does not describe cherubim as little babies with wings:.

Photo Credit: The Bible Project

Tim Tebow


Tim Tebow Has Been On The Keto Diet Since 2012: I Miss ‘My Mom’s Cooking’

o those who criticize the diet Tebow says, “I don’t try to have a rebuttal. Everyone can share their opinions and what works for them.

drone with package


What If A Delivery Drone Falls On Your House? Thorny Legal Questions As Services Increase

And... do you own the airpspace over your house?

John Luke & Mary Kate Robertson


Duck Dynasty’s John Luke & Mary Kate Robertson Welcome First Child

“Robertson family of 3!!!” proud new mom Mary Kate wrote.

skin-like phone case


Hmmmm - Phone Case Looks And Reacts Like Skin

It’s a bit unnerving to look at. It’s a cover that makes your phone ticklish. You can even pinch it, just like human skin.

Traffic on highway


Highway Fatalities Fall In 2018 For Second Straight Year

Officials say the downward trend is continuing into 2019

Photo Credit: AP/LM Otero