National Spelling Bee Contestant Shruthika Padhy


National Spelling Bee Will Have Fewer Wild Cards Next Year

This year's bee ended in an eight-way tie because organizers ran out of words that were difficult enough to trip up the best spellers

Photo Credit: AP/Patrick Semansky

Christmas dinner at the table


Christmas Dinner In A Can?

Imagine the faces of your friends and family members as you tell them about your Christmas dinner containing a three-course meal all in a compacted can



Merriam-Webster Declares 'They' Its 2019 Word Of The Year

And what were the runners-up?

the bees


Emotional Support Bees?

An Arizona man’s emotional support animal is creating quite a buzz.

Photo Credit: Fox News

David Datuna


Man Eats $120,000 Banana Art Installation, For His Own Performance Art

David Datuna, an installation and performance artist from Georgia, peeled off and ate a banana duct taped to a wall. Datuna said he was not sorry for eating the art piece, which was sold for $120,000.

Photo Credit: CNN

Red tortillas filled with vegetables and guacamole


A Grandma Cooks Up Flamin-Hot Cheeto Tortillas

We're not sure what to think of these gems

Beautiful, rare multi-colored bird sitting on a snowy branch


Gorgeous Golden Pheasant Makes Rare Snowy Appearance

Amazing video shows one of China's most beautiful and reclusive birds, the golden pheasant.

Banana Duct Taped To Wall


Banana Duct Taped To Wall Sells For $120K At Art Basel

Art lover Weezie Chandler said, “You can do anything and once you’re established you can get away with it.”

Weird Roswell Memorial Lawnmower Returns


Weird Roswell Memorial Lawnmower Returns

A mysterious memorial dedicated to a New Mexico homeless man who mowed lawns has reappeared.