InterVarsity students sitting on college campus lawn

Positive People

Ending Loneliness On College Campuses ‘One Cookie At A Time’

Christian students unique idea brings joy and companionship to lonely students

Photo Credit: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA/Matt Kirk


Positive People

Challenging Food Waste: In America, 40% Of The Food Is Never Consumed - AmpleHarvest

As growing food at home increases, Gary and his team are committed to helping food waste decrease.

Girl in classroom with dog

Positive People

High School Students Train Service Dogs To Save Lives

A Texas school hosts some special, furry classmates

Photo Credit: Deyanira Rossell

Red salon chair wheeled along sidewalk by two women

Positive People

Homeless People Get Free Professional Haircuts

The men and women get more than just styling, they get conversation and someone to listen and care about them

Photo Credit: Katie Steller

bikes at front of church

Positive People

Church Members Donate More Than 700 Bicycles

Lots of children were blessed (+podcast)

Photo Credit: Clawson Assembly of God

God's Garage repair shop with cars

Positive People

God’s Garage: Free Car Repairs Help Single Moms & Military Wives

K-LOVE’s Positive People - They also provide cars to women who are in need

Photo Credit: Chris Williams

Larry, Bob, Phil Vischer

Positive People

VeggieTales Reborn – Phil Vischer Gets Back To Basics

New episodes of the Bible-teaching cartoons now on TBN

Photo Credit: Big Idea Content Group/Phil Vischer

Angels & Cherubim

Positive People

The Bible Project Brings Scripture Understanding To Video

They clear-up misconceptions. For example, the Bible does not describe cherubim as little babies with wings:.

Photo Credit: The Bible Project

Man in a ball cap with shaded sunglasses and beard while smiling

Positive People

Ed McClelland, Helping Veterans Fight PTSD

California man felt called to give back to veterans after getting sober

Photo Credit: Ed McClelland