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Surprising 1st Results From NASA's Sun-Skimming Spacecraft

“I can't say that we don't worry about the spacecraft. I mean, the spacecraft is going through an environment that we've never been before," NASA's Nicola Fox said

Photo Credit: NASA/Goddard/CIL via AP

Giving Machine


These Holiday ‘Giving Machines’ Allow Users to Donate to People in Need With Just a Swipe of Their Card

Rather than dispensing candy bars, this machine allows users to donate hot meals, textbooks, toys, and essential items for charities around the world.

Photo Credit: Good News Network

T-Mobile 5G coverage map


T-Mobile's 5G Network Goes Live Ahead Of Schedule

Of course, you'll need a 5G-enabled phone to take advantage of the network

Man holding TV remote control


That Smart TV You Just Bought May Be Spying On You

Now even the FBI is warning us about Smart TV security

Fact-Checking Olaf's 'Frozen 2' Science: Do People Really Blink 4 Million Times A Day?


Fact-Checking Olaf's 'Frozen 2' Science: Do People Really Blink 4 Million Times A Day?

Snowman Olaf makes many scientific claims in "Frozen 2" (water has memory, people blink 4 million times a day). Is he correct?

Spacewalking Astronauts Perform Complex Repairs On International Space Station


Spacewalking Astronauts Perform Complex Repairs On Space Station

Astronauts repaired a cosmic ray detector during a spacewalk outside the International Space Station

Power pole


Tech Idea Aims To Predict Power Line Issues Before Disaster Occurs

PG&E is testing the technology in nine locations

Photo Credit: Richard Hunt



Facebook Tests Tool To Move Photos To Google

The tool will be rolled out worldwide in the first half of 2020

Photo Credit: AP/Richard Drew

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'Hundreds Of Millions Of People' May Have Had Their Text Messages Exposed Online

The leaked text message data included phone numbers, university finance applications, job alerts and other private information.